Customer Projects

What do our customers say?

Ville Klaavu, Sales Manager, Fineweld

If we invest in efficiency, planning and implementation, both we and the customer will benefit. Using Navisworks for Sitework as a visual interface has helped improve these aspects in our organization.

Adina Jägbeck, BIM Project Manager, Skanska Sweden

I have never experienced so much hassle with a software development project. We had some ideas for improving Navisworks functionality, but when we inquired about their implementation from different sources, we didn't even get any offers. Instead, Profox assured that projects can be done efficiently and on schedule.

Patrik Lindvall, Manager Construction IT Specialists, NCC Sweden

We at NCC are constantly looking for ways to improve our work processes, and thus make our operations more efficient. Using a virtual model to use Navisworks' on-site site management software is a good example of this.