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Clearedge3D software

Clearedge 3D software is highly advanced software for designing plant and construction projects and streamlining on-site operations when using a point cloud produced by laser scanning. They help to streamline and speed up design work and ensure the correctness of construction.



EdgeWise is an as-built modeling software that creates a 3D model of a point cloud with a well-developed algorithm. It models pipelines, steel structures, ductwork, walls and cable trays using point cloud data created with different technologies. The function increases the accuracy of the work and significantly speeds up the modeling work compared to the traditional way. The software also adds intelligence to the model by attaching component and / or component information to it.












Detect site deviations before they become costly problems The software compares the laser-scanned point cloud data from the site to the original design model and displays the observed deviations as a visual presentation and reports. As it works in the Navisworks environment, the results can be published to the Navis Typhoon system. (video)

Rithm for Navisworks

Rithm for Navisworks analyzes the laser scanning data to check the evenness of the cast floors and generates reports from the analyzed data. It allows near real-time checking for deviations in floors, walls and beams, allowing projects to stay on schedule. (video)

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