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iConstruct software

iConstruct is an application working with Navisworks. It extends the data content and graphics processing of Navisworks models to a new level by improving project collaboration. Further, it is an integral part of Navis Typhoon’s approach.


Users can customize the hierarchy generated by design systems to better meet the requirements of the project installation. By combining external data sources and tables with the model, the model can be used to visualize, for example, the progress of the project or link maintenance systems to the models. The ability to automate frequently used functionalities reduces the need for manual editing.


iConstruct is available in three different versions:

iConstruct Pro                         

Includes all functionalities

iConstruct Export                    

DWG, IFC ja BCF exporter

iConstruct Clash                     

Collision analysis

Ask more about the iConstruct software from me

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Ismo Knihti

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