Digital Twin

Profox Companies provides digitization and documentation services in collaboration with Smart Project Alliance companies.

Digitization and Documentation Services are intended to be used by the owner of a property, facility or plant site to provide an accurate up-to-date model. This model will be used during the lifecycle of the target for operating and maintaining the target , for asset management and sales and marketing purposes


At the same time, the documentation will also support the engineering consultant and contractors during brownfiled projects. Thus, the services do not compete with the engineering firm's services, but provide the engineers with easy-to-use, accurate input for the actual design. In addition, documentation provides an ability to use the model in the form of a smart site. Model describes actual property and can then be utilized as a digital twin during the whole lifecycle of a target.

The digitalization and documentation service package covers all working phases from laser scanning into modeling including creating an intelligent user interface model, as well as the service of rendering 2D documents in an intelligent format when needed.

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