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Dimensionally controlled construction project - New service concept for implementation control

During the site phase, inspection laser scans are performed at regular intervals during the various stages of the site. The point cloud produced from laser scanning is compared to the original design model. Observed deviations are reported to the project partners and the designers update the geometry data of the design models to reflect the completed construction. The end result is an as-built model of structures and process equipment for life cycle use. The method allows zero error assumptions.


With the help of the method, deviations are detected at the earliest possible stage and there is time to react to them on the planning side or and to take the deviations into account in the implementation. The method enables significant savings and better management of the project schedule.


The service is provided by Profox together with partner companies. Reporting anomalies is generated as a visual representation and using scorecards, as agreed, on the NavisTyphoon platform or in other ways to the project supervisor. Follow-up measures will be decided by the project management together with Profox experts.

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