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Virtual services

In addition to creating virtual models, our services include the development of functionality related to the models. The functionality can be, for example, building a virtual training system or a system related to marketing and sales by adding animations and other functionality to the virtual model.


In addition to this, our services ensure that you get real tangible benefits by using a virtual model in project activities and during the life cycle. The services also include the implementation and training of virtual systems. This will ensure that the benefits accrue to the organization in euro terms and that individuals have the skills to use these tools.


A virtual environment as an enabler of lifecycle benefits


The virtual environment enables a common view of solutions by involving different parties in the project. This new approach takes into account user-driven, technical and safety aspects in investments and day-to-day operations.

Virtual technologies

virtuaalitila CAVE


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Virtual reality


Ask me more about virtual technology

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Ismo Knihti

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