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New technology coaching

Our experts train your company's staff to introduction of a new technology. In coaching, our experts participate in project work in the role of coach and train staff if needed.

Examples of staff training:


Viewing and commenting on 3D models during projects

Raising project communication to a new level by making effective use of visual model materials. This creates the conditions for better cooperation and smoother project work. The savings come from avoiding unnecessary work and minimizing mistakes.

Utilization of laser scanning data

Utilizing point cloud data generated by laser scanning in design work, design control, and site quality assurance is often very challenging. Our experts guide you to the right working methods in coaching and go through the "best practice working methods".

Preparation of project tender material

The 3D material obtained from the design is modified to facilitate the processing of the project's tender material and the definition of the work steps. Our experts train the right ways of working with the necessary software.

Monitoring the progress of projects

Using visual model material, monitoring the progress of the project in planning and / or site work is a very illustrative way of working, for example for project management. Our experts train you in the implementation and use of this way of working. 

Utilization of cloud services

With the help of cloud services, the communication and information sharing of the project can be significantly improved. Adopting the right ways of working from the beginning is important in order to really increase the productivity of project work. Our experts are also involved in the implementation of the cloud service system and staff training.

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