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30 Years of Excellence in 
software services


Profox is a Finnish IT-company founded in 1991 with extensive industry and construction expertise. We produce digital solutions for projects in the energy, forest, chemical and food industries, among others.


We deliver solutions to project owners, designers, equipment suppliers as well as construction and maintenance companies. Our service concept consists of design systems, project services and a collaboration platform. The service concept offers a completely new operating model and tools for the efficient utilization of digital information during the investment project and life cycle.


Mission and Vision


Customer promise



The desire to be a forerunner


The desire to ensure the best success of customers' investment projects and lifecycle use


To be a leading expert company in industrial digitalisation

We ensure the digital future of your company

"According to our view, significant savings can be made in investment projects by paying attention to collaboration and communication, the right tools and staff skills."


"This ensures optimal cooperation between the entire project organization and the best possible success of the whole project"

"Our goal is the optimal implementation of the investment project, and ensuring the customer's digital future"

Ari Puuskari, Profox Companies Oy

Our experts

Ari Puuskari 2018-11-08.png

Ari Puuskari

0400-488 267

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Miikka Vehkaoja2019-03-06.png

Miikka Vehkaoja

040-526 0442

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Technical Director

Ismo Kuva_pieni.jpg

Ismo Knihti

044-976 0389

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Sales Manager

Miko CV picture.JPG

Miko Puuskari

040-964 5256

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Business Development

Screenshot 2021-08-24 at 8.16_edited.jpg

Ilkka Linnoinen

040-614 7049

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Our partners

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Profox's story:


Year 1991: Profox is established and AutoCAD deliveries begin, the company also develops an active training in the introduction of new technology, an application originally marketed as Steel (now CADMill).


Year 2000: Sales of Navisworks begin in Finland, Profox incorporates this software into the plant design concept, and the great importance of coordination work in the plant design project is better understood.


Year 2010: AutoCAD Plant 3D deliveries begin and related service operations are strongly developed. AutoCAD-based 3D plant design system enables efficient design of even large projects with an affordable and easy-to-learn system


Year 2017: Virtual reality as part of the service package. Cooperation with Collaprime Oy also brings a whole new dimension to factory design projects by utilizing CAVE systems

Year 2020: The cooperation platform is announced. Supporting design, implementation and lifecycle, Navis Typhoon revolutionizes the traditional way of operating in communication, coordination and the use of digital assets.


Our office

Haukilahdenkatu 4B

00550 Helsinki, Finland

puh: 0400-488 267


Pitkämäenkatu 6

20250 Turku, Finland

puh: 044-9760 389




You want to work for us?

Open applications including your CV can be sent at

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