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Live Webinar: Thursday, September 21st @ 1 PM ET 

Introducing EdgeWise Plant: 

Automating Industrial Digital Twin Generation in AVEVA E3D Design and Autodesk Plant 3D 

Get a first look at EdgeWise’s new and seamless integrations with leading engineering design platforms, designed specifically for the needs of industrial, marine, and process plant professionals 

Digital twins have transformed the way process plant, industrial, and marine industries design, monitor, and optimize their complex operations. While the potential of the technology in these sectors is undeniable, the journey towards creating intelligent brownfield digital twins is not without its hurdles. 

Existing workflows for generating an as-built model from point cloud data in engineering design software remain a highly tedious, manual process with immense potential for human error. That’s why we created EdgeWise Plant – The first automated modeling solution fully integrated with AVEVA E3D Design and Autodesk Plant 3D. 

Join us on Thursday, September 21st at 1 PM ET to discover how EdgeWise Plant is set to transform your as-built modeling workflow and help you generate brownfield digital twins faster and more accurately than ever before. You’ll learn everything you need to know about this intuitive technology, as well as how you can implement it on your projects. Plus, we’ll have industry experts from AVEVA and InSource Solutions on hand to provide industry insight and answer your questions.  

Five Reasons You Need to Attend: 

  1. Experience Effortless Modeling: See how EdgeWise Plant automates the modeling of as-built piping and structure from point cloud data. Learn how you can complete your as-built modeling projects up to 66% by leveraging our advanced computer vision algorithms. 

  2. Purpose-Built For Point Clouds: EdgeWise Plant is purpose-built to handle point cloud data, ensuring accuracy and efficiency on your as-built modeling projects. Use the software’s unique cloud export options to accelerate your downstream work. 

  3. In-Depth QA/QC: See EdgeWise Plant’s robust QA/QC tools in action. Intuitively validate the fit of your modeled elements to the point cloud and take total control over the final accuracy of your model. 

  4. Seamless Integration: Explore how EdgeWise Plant seamlessly integrates with AVEVA E3D and Autodesk Plant 3D, streamlining your as-built piping and structure modeling.

  5. Industry Insights: Hear from industry experts from ClearEdge3D, InSource Solutions, and AVEVA. Discover real-world applications of EdgeWise Plant and interact with our featured speakers and gain valuable insights into perfecting your industrial, marine, and process plant modeling. 

Ready to revolutionize your as-built modeling workflow? Save your seat today to uncover the power of EdgeWise Plant!





Presenter Information:


Justin Dommer

Product Manager


Aaron Evans

VP, Partner and Community Relations

InSource Solutions

Ian Piggott

Principal Consultant


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