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Advance Steel training

Workshop drawings of steel structures with Advance Steel Software (2 days)

To whom:

For plant designers who need to produce fabrication drawings of steel structures (e.g. treatment levels / brackets).



To learn to understand the operation of the Advance Steel program and to create the ability to handle steel structures with workshop images in AutoCAD / Plant 3D projects.


Description of the training:

The training covers data transfer Plant 3D-Advance Steel as well as modeling and modification of steel structures with Advance Steel software. One of the most important features is the efficient generation of job images and parts lists.

Training content:

  • Advance Steel general

  • Utilization of Plant 3D structure

  • Steel modeling

  • Pillar bases and anchoring

  • Editing joints, patch joints, welded joints

  • Utilization of lines and polylines in the creation of steels

  • Making stairs

  • Handrails

  • Editing a template

  • Printouts

  • Listings

  • Model update

Ask more about Advance Steel training

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Ismo Knihti

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Sales Manager

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