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Tehosta yrityksenne pistepilvien hyödyntämistä

Scan to BIM University™ webinaariesitysten nauhoitukset ovat nyt katsottavissa veloituksetta.

Webinaareissa alan asiantuntijat käyvät läpi laserskannaukseen ja pistepilvestä mallintamiseen vaiheita ja parhaita käytänteitä käytännönläheisesti.

Seminaarinauhoitukset on katsottavissa veloituksetta oheisilta linkeiltä. Webinaarit ovat englanninkielisiä ja katsominen vaatii rekisteröitymisen.

Webinaarit esittelevät Profoxin Navis Typhoon konseptiin kuuluvia Clearedge3D:n ohjelmistoja Edgewiseä ja Verityä.

STB 101 Getting started with Scan to BIM

In this webinar video, you’ll learn a host of back-to-basics tips from our panel that will help you deliver accurate and timely Scan to BIM projects. You’ll discover how to tackle the most common project challenges and pitfalls at every stage of the Scan to BIM process.

STB 102: Project Planning Best Practices

Learn project planning best practices, lessons learned, tips, and hacks from our panelists that will help you identify and successfully address critical areas that can break your Scan to BIM projects if not planned properly, and how you can still thrive when working in a remote environment.

STB 103: Data Collection Deep Dive

Nail your data collection on your next Scan to BIM project, selecting the right equipment and implementing robust, targeted scanning workflows that will make project completion significantly more productive!

STB 104: Registration Methodologies & Pro Tips

In this webinar, you'll learn how the pros perform scan registrations to consistently deliver accurate and repeatable results, and prepare you for a smooth modeling workflow downstream.

STB 105: Scan Data Clean-Up Best Practices

Nobody likes dirty data! So, learn how to clean up your act in this latest installment of our #ScantoBIMUniversity series! Register to learn how you can make your post-processing workflows smoother and deliverables look great with best practices, tips, and tricks from our industry panelists!

STB 106: Automated Everything: Smart Points, Meshes, Models, and the Mythical Easy Button

Learn 3 critical areas of model automation: meshing, feature extraction, and smart point clouds. Our panel of industry thought leaders will share expert tips and little-known hacks you can apply in your scan to BIM projects today to help you prepare for modeling more productively!

STB 107: Mastering Manual Modeling: How to Extract, Trace and QA like Pro

Learn the ins and outs of manual modeling & expert tips that will help you work more productively!

STB 108: Crossing the Finish Line: Deliverables & Turn-Over Best Parctises to Ensure a Happy Customer

Let #ScantoBIMUni help you end your project on a strong note! Join our expert panelists as they share tips, tricks and best practices that will help you build better project close out workflows and turn in deliverables that will delight your customers.

STB 201 - Intermediate Field-to-Finish Best Practices

In this webinar, our panel discusses Scan to BIM project challenges you will likely encounter as your jobs get more complex and how you can address them. You’ll learn practical best practice tips you can easily apply to optimize your workflows from field to finish

STB 301 – Advanced tips & Tactics to maximize your project profitability

We’ll cover advanced tips, tricks, and even some hacks that you can use to give your project that extra boost to get it over the finish line on time and under budget. To BIM-301-advanced-tips-tactics-to-maximize-your-project-profitability

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