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Up to 20% savings on project activities with

Profox Typhoon

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Collaborative platform
Profox Typhoon

Profox Typhoon is a visual project portal that enables the utilization and collaboration of various 3D materials (3D models, point clouds and 360 images) during the planning, construction site and life cycle of an investment project.

Profox Typhoon operates as a visual communication and situation center for all parties. With the help of the easy-to-use WEB service, all project parties and the project owner receive up-to-date information on the project situation. The platform also illustrates the results of the acquired project services, such as point clouds produced by laser scanning and site deviations.

With the help of the ADMIN service, the processing of all project materials and e.g. ensuring accuracy is automated so that no own resources are needed to manage and process the data. The platform supports the design systems provided by Profox and all other key design systems through Navisworks and the IFC standard.

Benefits from the perspectives of the project parties

Project owner:

Provides a transparent project view that succeeds and acts as a communication channel between all parties involved in the project, ensuring better schedule- and budget management


Provides an up-to-date view of the project situation and communication channel with other project partners

Equipment Supplier:

Provides equipment suppliers' project teams with an up-to-date view of the project situation and communication between other project parties in the communication channel. It also facilitates equipment installation.


Provides a visual view of project plans, a platform for monitoring site progress, and managing potential site deviations.

Operation and maintenance:

Provides a visual platform for all utilization of the department's digital material, e.g. in the areas of maintenance tasks, downtime plans, development of occupational safety issues, development of logistics operations and cost control.

Profox Typhoon services


Admin service
90 €/hour

The Admin service saves your own project resources and ensures the smooth management and the use of project materials.

The service may include, for example:


Publication of materials, creation of links, publication of additional data


Clash detection


As-Built service for models (updating existing infrastructure to digital format)


Site quality control (observation and reporting of deviations)


WEB service
from 40 €/user/month


Deployment and training

WEB palvelu

The Profox contact person handles the implementation of the system and provides brief user training for all users of the project portal

The WEB service is a cloud-based platform for utilizing project materials


Easy and effortless web-based interface for utilizing materials

View, measure, comment and view information attached to the model

Serves as the visual center for the project

A platform for lifecycle utilization of materials on the operation and maintenance side

The ADMIN service allows the platform to be linked to all commonly used database-based systems, such as maintenance and document management information systems. The platform also supports post-project lifecycle use by ensuring that project materials do not remain disposable but serve the owner as a digital set for life.

“Profox Typhoon is not only a new software platform but a completely new operating model for using and managing the project's 3D data."

"The operating model is completely changing the practices of the investment project in a more cost-effective direction and enabling life-cycle thinking to be concretized by utilizing new technology. ”

"The use of the system involves a systematic approach to the utilization of models. 3D models and the virtual models are easily available for design and site control, as well as during the life cycle. Profox Typhoon is more than a software platform."

Up-to-date information is easily accessible to all parties involved in the project

Harmonizes the structure and data of project 3D models

Better communication and involvement between project partners

Better adherence to budget as well as schedule and thus a better operational outcome

Independent management of model information from different sources

Benefits of Profox Typhoon

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